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Stephen K Williams DDS | Orthodontics in Bicknell

Stephen K Williams DDS and Associates

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Experienced, expert teeth straightening

Dentistry and orthodontics in one-stop with Dr. Williams.

Dr. Stephen Williams began practicing Orthodontics (straigntening teeth with braces and other devices) in 1981. He has helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful, straight smiles. Always innovative, Dr. Williams became determined to be able to offer his patients the very best possible options for teeth-straightening.

He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education on the latest orthodontics techiques, including training on low-force Self-Ligating Braces, an excellent option that produces wide, beautiful smiles without the need to extract teeth; rapid-aligning, clear braces that straighten the front teeth in just six months (6 Month Smiles), and clear, removable dental aligners (Bioliners).

And here’s the best part: Dr. William’s orthodontic patients can get all of their dental work done in one stop, including regular cleanings and checkups.

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Dr. Stephen Williams

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With his extensive experience in orthodontics, Dr. Williams works with adults, teens and children and can handle even the most advanced cases right in the comfort of our office. Whether you’re a parent wondering about straightening your child’s teeth or an adult looking to straighten your smile, Dr. Williams would be happy to see you about your orthodontic needs.

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Carriere Braces

Carriere_logo.jpgFor beautiful, natural smiles, Dr. Williams prefers to use "self-ligating" braces, a new kind of braces that do not require bands or elastics to move the teeth. 

These braces have small, discreet brackets and work with your natural facial structure to create a straight smile without removing permanent teeth. The brackets are smaller than those used in conventional braces, and they move the teeth more quickly, but by using less force.  The result is a set of braces that are more comfortable for you or your child. Carriere braces are also nickel-free, so you can be sure that you won't have an alergic reaction to them even if you are sensative to nickel.

Rather than pulling permanent teeth in order to accomodate a narrow jaw arch, as is done with traditional braces, Dr. Williams uses the self-ligating braces to create needed space in the mouth without removing teeth. The system naturally and gently widens the arch in your mouth, which results in a wider, broader smile.

Advantages of self-ligating braces

image_selfligating.jpgMore comfortable treatment

Self-ligating braces use a slide mechanism to hold the wires in place, allowing teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably. Conventional braces are tied in with elastics, which cause friction and pressure and make treatment slow and less comfortable.

Easier to clean

Self-ligating braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties that attract and collect plaque, these braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment.

Decreased treatment time

Dr. Williams has found that using self-ligating braces can reduce patient treatment time from 24 months to 15-18 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for parents and patients

Here are answers to some of the questions that we hear from our new patients. For more information, feel free to call us at (812) 757-4173.

What do braces do?

Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. As the teeth move, the bone changes shape as pressure is applied. The teeth are moved specifically, according to careful adjustments by Dr. Williams, in order to align the jaw, improve the bite, reduce crowding, correct spacing, and straighten teeth. Over time, braces will improve your smile and correct other problems that crowded or misaligned teeth can create, including increased chance of tooth decay and tooth loss, chewing difficulties, and speech impediments.

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When should my child see Dr. Williams about braces?

The best time to use braces to straighten a child’s teeth is during a major growth spurt, such as occurs during puberty.   At that time a child’s bones are fairly pliable, and it is easier to align the teeth rapidly. 

Braces are most often appropriate at 11 ½ years for girls or 12 ½ years for boys, when the baby teeth are gone and the permanent teeth are in the mouth.

It is wise for parents to bring children for an initial free consultation at 9 or 10, or younger if they have a concern. This enables Dr. Williams to correctly diagnose and handle any problems, and ensures that the teeth-straightening procedures work smoothly.

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How long will my child have to wear braces?

braces_teenboy.jpgThe time required for braces to complete their job varies from person to person.  Factors affecting the length of time that your child will need to wear braces include the severity of the problem you are correcting,  the amount of room available,  the distance the teeth must travel, the health of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone,  and how closely your child follows instructions.

On average, however, once the braces are put on,
they usually remain in place for 18 to 30 months. After braces are removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer all the time for the first 12 months, then only for 10 hours in the evening for many years.

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Can my child continue to play sports while wearing braces?

It’s fine for your child to continue to play sports after he or she gets braces.  When playing sports where there is a possibility of getting hit in the mouth, your child should wear a specially designed mouthguard. The mouth guard, made of durable plastic, is designed to fit comfortably over the braces and protect the soft tissues inside his or her mouth.

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What about braces for adults?

Blonde_sideways.jpgMore and more adults these days are opting for orthodontic treatment. Overcrowded, misaligned or crooked teeth may make you self-conscious about your smile. They also can present serious health issues, as the teeth are more difficult to clean and more likely to have decay and bone loss.

Dr. Williams can treat his adult patients with self-ligating braces, an alternative that will fully correct your bite and create a beautiful, natural smile. He can also use Six Month Smiles, clear braces that, by straightening just the teeth that show when you smile, can give you a new look in just six months. Finally, Dr. williams can treat you with Bioliners, clear plastic removable aligners that gradually and almost invisibly change your teeth.

Click here to find out more about Self-ligating Braces.

Click here to find out more about Six Month Smiles Braces.

Click here to find out more about Bioliners.

Each person's mouth is unique, and it's important to choose the best treatment plan to make sure that you get the results that you want.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Williams today to find out about the best treatment plan for you!

Call us at 812-735-2020 to make an appointment or click here to request an appointment online.

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